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The renovation process begins with an analysis of what it is that you like about your existing home, as well as an analysis of how you actually live in your current home, and how you would envision living in your new home. Good design will result in creative solutions that will adapt your current home to fit the lifestyle that you envision, and it will also maximize the potential use and add value to your home.

Ririe-Yancey Architecture is a full service Residential Design Practice, specializing in renovations and additions to condominium and single-family homes in Greater Boston and Southeastern Massachusetts.

We will help your dreams and ideas take shape in a way that can bring order to your home and a sense of well-being to your family. You will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are making a positive contribution to your neighborhood and community by building a timeless, classic, and elegantly designed home.


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Our Services Help You Envision a Home's Potential!

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We can explore the possibilities and illustrate a home's potential for expansion or adaptation.

This information can be instrumental in helping potential buyers decide if a house will be suitable for their current and future needs.

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